Friday, July 18, 2014

Knitting from a pattern

so, here I am obessing about baby girl dresses, I mean knitted baby girl dresses: I am looking for patterns, free patterns, payed patterns, and I buy some, just in case until it grows into quite a collection of baby girl dresses pdfs

now I'm looking for the ones that I could actually knit with my limited skills, (I'd say) and my thing, that I don't use the bellow 4mm needles. reading, looking for the gauges...hmmm 26 stitches for 4"? that's a lot!

after some days have passed and I was just drawling on pinterest for all the pretty lil' baby girl dresses, I come across this fab cotton yarn: looking like a happy rainbow. I can see the swallows flying by! and I can just imagine....what a cutie!

Picking one of the patterns, looking good....checking the gauge....hmmm ..almost, but I do some math and hey! I'll multiply everything by 0.68 and it'll be just fab! (did I mention that I love math?) always did. :)

they say cast on 69 stitches? well, almost 47, I cast on 47....and off I go and I just loove it!

wait a minute, wait a minute! the shoulders were supposed to be a couple of inches! they are wayy to big!

oh, my! oh, my! I worked half a day on this! I will NOT undo it! Nope!

It's kindda cute, don't you think?

I decided to make a poncho :)
Knit on, girl, knit on!

Did I do ok after all? I think so! It is quite a sweet poncho! with a bandana to fit, too!

So, if life gives you lemons? 

PS Always check your gauge! or you might end up with a poncho instead of a dress!
hugs 'n kisses

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hand knit baby hats

Having my girly colors I started one morning making some beanies, adorned with a little knit bow - well, the bow came out bigger than the initial thought. 
get the white
get the pink 
deffinetly get the beige

while I was knitting I was thinking of colors for the little boys
...or should I make matching pants?
           .....or should I try some baby cardigans?

well, the best inspiration comes while working, isn't it!

so many ideas! so little time!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Sewing girls summer skirts

May is here so, it means we all think of summer. Beautiful, happy clothing, green leaves and  flowers, summer breeze...
 * Summer skirts for our girls or for ourselves. *
I just love summer skirts :))
My mother used to sew for me and somehow it got to me and stayed there hidden, until I bought a sewing machine for mysef.
Inspired by the sunshine, yesterday I went out and got some cute fabrics, laces an here's what came out of it:

I hope you like them!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Spring colors

As spring is almost here, I find myself more tempted to use stronger colors. I found this fabric that I could not just let go. Must I say that I wasn't planning on buying any fabrics at all??
But I just love it! Don't ya?
I matched to the set an equally happy and colorful headband 

What's not to love about it? 
for me it spells: S. U. N.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

January 2014 Calendar

I thought of offering you a January calendar I have made from one of my photos. 

You can download it, if you would like to print it for your own personal use.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The knitted baby pants

If you think you can do something or that you can not do something, it's usually your mind that tells you this.

It's so funny! I am sure some of have gone through this, too:
I have built a  huge solid brick wall in my mind about the knitting of baby must be something very difficult to do, only for the most experienced knitters...I can not do it! No, not me! So I was looking for someone who could knit them for me.
I have called the grandma of one of my kiddo's friends (she is a fabulous woman, very nice) and asked her if she could knit for me some baby pants :) well, no need to say the mind blowing discussion I had with her! "wait a minute! why don't you do it??..."well, I can not, I don't know how, I bought a pattern and I can not understand a's so difficult...bla...bla...bla..."
"difficult? no, no, no, it's not difficult at all! Listen to do this and this, and like this...."
Wel, I did not understand the way she told me to do it....again...BUT she gave me the courage to grab a pair of needles an try!
I grabbed from the "memory box" a pair of baby pants that beloged to my daughter....and...Ta! da!
I could do it! I can do it! now I know! I Can Do It!

My very first knit baby pants!

So, forget the "can't", forget the "impossibles" forget the "not me" and just do whatver you want to do.

Peace and love!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Baby blanket knitting pattern for the begginers

Having a few hours on your hand? what about knitting a chunky baby blanket? You don't have a chunky yarn? There isn't a bit of a problem about it, just take two medium thicknes yarns and knit them together.

This is my first pattern! I hope you will enjoy making your baby's mini blanket!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Many times I wonder do I feel gratefull? Really, really gratefull? But what is gratitude? I mean, do I feel the imense joy  inside just because  my life is the way it is, the imense happynes that I have everything that I do have: material and non material things; money can buy and money can not: child, parents, friends.... knowledge, courage...are these our own posessions or God trusted us with them to do the best we can: raise children the best way we know, to be sure they will live a happy life; to love, honor and protect our parents since we chose them for this life to make us the person we are today; to cherish our true friends like they are our brothers and sisters that we have found to walk with us in life.

Do I?

Today I do.
Today I feel imense gratitude for everything my life is.
I am gratefull for the courage to have chosen to to what I love doing despite all the no-nos. I am grateful that I conquered the fear of loosing the stability to the freedom.

I am gratefull for my parents: that they live. yes, I am so, so happy that they are alive, that I can hug them and talk to them, that my dad can still teach me how to make his delicious pilaf. I thank God for that.

I am gratefull for my dear friends, just a handfull of people, that I deeply love.

Yes. today I humbly give thanks for everything that I am and everything that I have.

Monday, November 04, 2013

30 Days of gratitude Day1 & 2

Heading quickly to the en of the year, it is nice to look at the things we are gratefull for. Of course, there are more than 30 things, and in the first days it was difficult to choose because there are so many. It is a wonderful feeling to be gratefull for what you have, to appreciate the good in life, material or not, all the wonderful people that came nto our lives., the ones that did us good or maybe just taught us a valuable lesson.

#1 I am grateful for my home

Even it isn't YET perfect, I don't have the magazines furniture & carpets, I love my cozy home!

#2 I am grateful for knowing how to knit.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY: PomPom Scarf

          Sipping my coffee in the morning with a knitted poncho on my shoulders to keep me warm, I was browsing though facebook, etsy, blogs, tumblr, just name it....I am all over the place! BUT I stoped when I found this beautiful DIY project on a blog I really, really love and admire!
 The Purl Bee I am sure most of you know it by now. Great inspirational projects, wonderfully explained and great details.

I will certainly try to make it although me and my sewing machine are not the best of friends :))

See the whole DIY of this stunning cowl  here

I'd love to hear what do you think and if you made it, just post a link, so we can see it, too!
I promise to come back with pics when / if I make one for me, too.

Until then, sending you peace and love! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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